Born on 1 May, 1977 in Dubai, U.A.E. Famed Pakistani writer and poet Malik Shuja Shaz is a flamboyant personality with flair of capturing the essence of beauty and love in his words, Shuja Shaz began to show his interest in literature at age 9. Compassionate, romantic, nature and humanity loving Shuja Shaz persuaded his passion and materialized his talent in the form of ravishing poetry and novels.

Early Life:
Shaz started his primary academic process from Liaqat Public School, Sialkot; later on secondary level was completed from Government Higher Secondary 2 School, Sialkot in 1992. Shaz joined Government Muree College, Sialkot in 1992 to continue his further education journey. In computer education Shaz received one year software and hardware diploma from TIMS College, Sialkot. Throughout the academic life Shaz as an aspirant very well carried his passion for poetry through all the odds, and still on the go to bestow his tremendous books for the reader’s pleasure.

Shaz penned his first couplet in 1989 at age 12. In 1997 Shuja Shaz became the director of “Bazm-e-Farogh-e-Adab”, an institute to hunt new talent in poetry and many other artistic activities. In 2000 “Bazm-e Farogh-e-Adab” was merged with a famous institute “Salam Urdu”. Later on Shaz’s poetry teacher Shahid Zaki Sahib taught him the parameters of poetry. Shuja Shaz was honored with “Tribes Kung-Fu Master” black sachet in 2000. Shaz was privileged with the instructorship of Zafar Iqbal Sahib, Aslam Khokhar Sahib and Asim Sahib. Shaz presented first international mushaira in 2004, Karachi.
Personal Life:
Shaz got married in year 2008 and is blessed with three children. Shaz had a natural tendency to memorize couplets since his primary academic level. As an ardent reader, Shaz shows wide interest in philosophical books. Shaz’s favorite hobbies also includes listening ghazl, travelling, painting, discovering nature and reading philosophy likewise Nehjul Balagha, Khalil jibran collection books, Islamic & religion books.
Shahid Zaki Sahab, Nazir Qaiser Sahib, Doctor Waheed Ahmed, Nasir Kazmi (late), Saleem Kausar, Khursheed Rizvi, Adeem Hashmi (late), Shakeeb Jalali, Mirza Ghalib, Meer Taqi Meer and Jaun Elia are the personalities with source of inspiration for Shaz. Shahid Zaki Sahab, Nazir Qaiser Sahab and Doctor Waheed Ahmed are the most idealized personalities by Shaz in the field of poetry.
In year 1989 Shaz was motivated to brush on his ability and to be a writer by his close friends, hence on his journey Shaz became a part of a platform named Baz-e-Adab Farogh provided by Zulfiqar Mughal and M.Arif where Shaz happened to meet Shahid Zaki Sahab and was taken under his instructorship. Shahid Zaki Sahab as an ideal instructor of Shaz polished his skills and guided Shaz’s talent towards the brightest path.

“Mohabbat Badalti Rehti Hai” 1st edition of ghazl book published in year 2007.
“Mohabbat Badalti Rehti Hai” 2nd edition of ghazl book published in year 2015.
“Aainey k Paar” will be published this year 2016.
Two books of literature are in process.
Book named “Mysterious Power” regarding spiritualization is also in process.